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Bill Neburka of Portland, OR owns this Inka orange 1973 Bavaia. It's a 4-speed car with a black interior. The car sat for a long time before Bill bought it and he is busy repairing damage done by meth addicts and bringing the car back to life.
Scott Carey owns this 1973 white/blue Bavaria. He swapped in an M30B35 3.5L motor with Motronic 1.3 fuel injection and replaced the automatic with a manual gearbox.
William Gau, the former coordinator of the SSR, bought this 1972 Bavaria in TX. It has a new leather interior and custom "Shamrock Shake Green" paint as well as L-jet and a 5-speed.
Jason Griffith of LaCenter, WA owns this 2800 which was delivered on November 29th, 1971 to the Müller-Nielsen dealership in Bremen, Germany. It's the original Agave green with tan interior. Jason's shop, Nameless Performance, makes some E3 performance parts.
Chris McLeod is restoring and modifying his 1972 Bavaria. You can see photos of his progresss.
Vince Strazzabosco bought this European-spec 1975 2500 Automatic, originally delivered to the Koch BMW dealer in Rellingen and brought to the US in 1996. It's color code 079, Mintgruen. Vince plans to bring it back to decent driving condition for vintage events and fix the many neglected areas and where previous owners have messed it up. He's also planning to add a 5-speed and return the interior to the correct tan.
Bill Neburka owns a very rare Inka orange Bavaria but, following the sequence clearly predicted in the SSR welcome letter, Bill picked up a Sahara Bavaria as a "parts car" that he instead got back up and running as a nice daily driver. He of course had to find parts for this parts car from other parts cars.
Steve Bonsall in the Baltimore area owns this 1972 Bavaria 4-speed. It's Malaga/Tobacco with a hideous aftermarket sunroof. He bought it on eBay by accident thinking that no one would possibly accept an offer of half the already low asking price. The car is one family owned from 1974 to 2010, has no PS, no A/C, an AMC head and Weber 32/36's, Koni's, and is otherwise stock.
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